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Scotland’s Unabashed Beauty by Destination Bella Tara

Anecdotes and notes adventuring to the Thin Places

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Come close. Let me whisper a tale of a land that is, in itself, a treasure to behold. You must add this place to your bucket list! I shall not bore you with lengthy explanations of my travelry. Hah, No, I shall let the photos steal the show. Truly if you must know, it has been said that Scotland is the location where the veil billows and blows. Heaven and Earth embrace in the land of the Scots. The Thinnest of all spaces and places. 

As I have been pondering this piece, I couldn’t bring it all together to make sense. How would I cover all there is to experience, and risk, you my reader, executing the great click of escape? So, I must keep you fully engaged. Hmmm, should I make categories of exquisite architecture, colorful storefronts, dazzling lochs (lakes), castles (how could we not..) and the Scots, themselves. I believe that due to the thinness of the veil over Scotland, and delightfully so, Heaven permeates them all. The Glory is woven into its tapestry. A dear friend sent the perfect scripture today. I found the timing of this to be impeccable, especially due to my terrible and unreliable internet over the past month. Like a message in a bottle, her message was sent from her daily devotional by Dr. David Jeremiah, (2 Corinthians 3:13-18). When Moses came down from the mountain, having met with God, he had to cover his face with a veil to hide the radiance of God’s glory. That veil, Paul says, is like a veil that covers the heart of the unbeliever who fails to see the glory of God in Christ. When our hearts are unveiled by faith, when we see Christ as clearly as in a mirror, we begin to be transformed into His image, “from glory to glory.” 

Scotland has the door for you. 

Many doors of old and new. 

You hold the key to the destination. 

You choose the door using only your imagination. 

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The Castles never disappoint. I kept secretly hoping I would wake up back in time like Claire from Outlander. My imaginings soared into orbit with each threshold I breached. I was captivated by the architecture, iron and metal works, the masonry and the woodwork. The flowers and gardens were sprinkles on my cupcake. A lovely treat. 

(If you want to tour them, you can listen as you walk with a device that is about the size of a cell phone that acts as your guide.) Let’s visit the castles. 

Scone Palace



Castle L-R EileanDonan, Edinburgh (on the hill far right corner, Middle interior of Sterling Castle, Bottom Row L-R Sterling and Edinburgh Castles. 

Let’s talk about the city life. I love a good display of fashion. Unique to antique, haha! 

The Heart of Scotland is in the people that you meet along the way. Smiles abound!





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