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Packed House at Bulloch Commissioners Meeting

The first Bulloch County Board of Commissioners meeting for December was held last night at the North Main Annex Community Room.

Three citizens were on the agenda for public comments. The first was Dr Richard Marz, expressing his concerns about the high-kill Bulloch County Animal Shelter and suggestions for improvement. The second was Justin Anthony, expressing his desire to be able to own laying hens in his subdivision. The third was Tom Grovenstein, expressing his concern for MSO Water Systems’ business practices.

The commissioners listened to all three citizens and stated that they would look into each issue and try to determine a solution.

The room was full of citizens in attendance, as well as the hallway outside of the room. Most were there in support of Dr Marz, sharing the same concerns about the Bulloch County Animal Shelter improvements.

Dr Marz gave a lengthy speech about the benefits of transforming the high-kill Bulloch County Animal Shelter with a low-kill principle. He pointed out that in 2014 approximately 1,188 animals were killed at the shelter. He then offered suggestions to help reform the shelter, such as off site adoptions, partnering with rescues, and foster care. Other ways to improve would be effective marketing like social media and Marz explained ways that this new system would save money for the shelter and taxpayers. He also said that he is aware that it will not be easy and will not be overnight, but will be worth it. He said that the goal is to only have a 10% or less kill rate.

Marz stated that there are already over 50 no-kill shelters in Georgia and “we can be just as good as the rest”. He then thanked the board for allowing him the time to speak about this issue. Dr Marz received a standing ovation from the attending citizens. County Commissioner, Roy Thompson commended him on his speech.

Lorna Shelton, a Bulloch County citizen that works at the Effingham County Animal Shelter was given a few minutes at the podium. She agreed with Dr Marz and offered more suggestions for a shelter reform.

Board members then discussed other topics at hand and the meeting was adjourned.





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